Fake it till you make it..

Does the ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude actually work? It seems my only option at the moment. I could continue giving in. I could carry on with my head hanging so low, not bothering that my daughter is having to witness the most important person in her life suffering like this…

So that aforementioned attitude is one that I have had to adopt, for her sake. I had the honour of being raised by strong women, not men, women. A strong Mother who kept us above the water and a mad Irish Granny, also incredibly strong, still is. I want to be that strong figure in my daughters life, to guide her and to steer her onto the correct paths and shield her from any hurt life could throw at her.

I was a good Mummy, well I was the best I could be, I mean. I hate myself a lot for bringing that ‘person’ into her life, who has shown me how little my daughter means to him considering he won’t apologise for the impact it’s had on her… two years he spent raising her. Utterly disgusting.

So here I am, trying my best but can’t shake the feeling that I’m simply, ‘faking it till I make it once more’..


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