Results II

So the post arrived. My nursing exam, well I scraped through, and boy oh boy do I mean scraped. Walking into that exam hall my mind was focussing on the rape, I was unable to switch it off at all. My mind was intent on torturing me and it seemed physically impossible to concentrate on anything, least of all the pathophysiology of hypovolemia.

What happened to me has had a real significant effect on my life, but am I being weak by allowing it to continue? Probably, yes. Is it easy to stop? Actually I would say right now it seems nigh on impossible.


4 thoughts on “Results II

      1. I know that feeling well. I also agree. If you do one thing it is good. Do not judge yourself harshly the world already does that to us in abundance, I am proud of you and you should be too, you SUCCEEDED. comparison always ruins everything let’s do away with it! xo


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