This is going to sound so super stupid. In fact this had not even crossed my mind. I had thrown out jewellery that he had treated me to, only keeping my angel wing charm, for baby, but replacing the band that he bought for it. Any of his clothing left here was burnt, by me in the back garden, along with his scrapbook of our memories, please.


I had not thought about my clothes, clothes he had touched. Clothes that he had complemented me in, underwear… what a god damn oversight is that.

I used to love wearing something I knew that he loved, his favourite top, his favourite pair of knickers, his favourite bum jeans as he used to call them.. now, it makes me feel sick. Instead of feeling confident I feel tarnished. It makes me feel his hands are still on me and now that feeling turns my stomach. It reminds me, not of happy intimate times, but that one time, that one defining time. 

So! Here I am, back home blogging after spending £115 on all new bras and undies..! 

Amazing how something so minor can make you so happy, haha.


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