This is disgusting. 

I was drafting a blog post last night, once my daughter was finally in bed. I wrote it all out and then decided to attach some media, so I ventured onto google images.

Well, that was a mistake.

Hundreds, absolutely hundreds of joke memes popped up, regarding sexual assault/ rape as a joke… it’s not funny, it’s not funny at all.

Before what happened to me, happened, I’m sure I laughed along to sick jokes, in fact I know that I did. But now? This is disgusting and it is degrading. It is thoroughly degrading about what I and many others have face, experienced, however you want to term it. It’s vile that people can find humour in an act that is so debilitating. 

There were even lots about ex girlfriends crying rape for some nonsensical reason. Is this what people think? Yes, there are fantasists out there (although who the hell would claim this happened to them if it didn’t), but I just find that unbelievably bad, so, so bad. I wonder if he has made me out to be that? A liar. A fantasist.

Eurgh, you know what, don’t even get me started on that piece of trash, I already feel sick enough.

But in reference to my post yesterday, about those horrible statistics.. is it honestly any surprise whatsoever that the majority of sexual assault/ rape goes unreported, because look at the impressions people have.

 Stupidity breeds ignorance.

 It’s not a joke and it is certainly not funny.


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