Run, run, run.

Elusive endorphins, I’m seeking you out..!

So I’m not fat by any means, just over 9stone and standing at 5’7. I started some destructive behaviours while suffering with this depression. It was never to lose weight, it was more to have control over something, because this entire situation has been so far out of control.

But how does that make me a responsible parent?

 So I have fought to adopt healthier habits, that still allow me to feel in control of something, so I have started running.

Now I do go to the gym, but I am that person that avoids the treadmill like the plague. Like, I detest them with a passion. I downloaded that couch to 10k program, out of curiosity more than anything. The first couple of days was actually tough going, but today I fell into ‘the zone’. I was excited to run, weirdly. I was excited to up the speed of the treadmill, feel my heart racing and my feet pounding. 

More importantly, I was excited to feel free, to not be thinking of that one thing. 

Completely and utterly freeing. I can’t wait for more tomorrow, just have to treat myself to better trainers..! 


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