Quickly blogging before I leave for my 13 hour shift. Only 80kcal for breakfast and a cup of black tea, hopefully that will keep me ticking over until I get my lunch break, a late one most likely..! 

I’m feeling really down today but will plaster a smile on my face for the benefit of everyone else, as I do most days. I’ve been avoiding calls from my PTSD therapist and I’m spiralling back down to the point I was at before. Difference being this time I have resigned myself to it, how can I fight it anymore? I have no energy to, anymore. 

I feel weak and disgusting, both inside and out. Everything feels rotten. I snapped a quick photo again before I had to head off to work. It’s not as clear as the other one, but I’ve lost even more weight. It’s melting off of me, like even my fat can’t stand to be associated with such a pathetic, weak victim, haha. 

Can hardly blame it.

But still, wasting away slowly is still better than staying put as the ‘rape victim’ for life, isn’t it?


One thought on “Rank.

  1. you are not bad! you are hurting, there is a big difference, you did not ask for this. I say call your therapist, talking and having someone there to support you will help. honestly it will. xo


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