How? The truth will out.

  • How can you hear the person you love saying no and stop it, and claim you were confused?
  • How can you feel that same person pushing at your shoulders, scrambling under you, and once again claim that you were confused?

I don’t think those things are particularly easy to confuse, really. If the person you are with tells you that they don’t want sex then, what exactly can you be confused about? Can someone explain that to me? Perhaps I’m missing something…

  • How can you, in your confession, talk about trust, when you so easily utterly destroyed mine in less than a minute, are you that stupid and lacking that much empathy? Moron.
  • How can you possibly, possibly think that you get to walk away without so much as a backwards glance to the sheer destruction that your actions have caused. Your actions, not you. Remember that, monster.
  • How about the impact that it’s had on my daughter, because it has, of course. You used to care about her, or so I thought.
  • How can you do what you did and show no remorse? 
  • How could you belittle me so much, by invading my personal space saying ‘you can’t prove it anyway, who would they believe?’ – actually thank you, thank you for opening my eyes to the real you, it got the ball rolling. 
  • How can you know that you have practically ended a life and not even give a damn about what you have done? 
  • How are you going to face me when this potentially could go to court perhaps, when you’re not even man enough to just say sorry, when you called my house phone and said nothing..
  • How have you let it escalate this much when all I ever needed was recognition and a fucking apology..?

It’s a really pathetic list, isn’t it, readers. Nicely fitting to the person who it’s about, I feel. A pathetic coward who is running from what he did. Not right, is it? 

I don’t think so. 

Unfair, immoral and unjust. 


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