When you’re going through hell, keep going.

Churchill was right, wasn’t he?

I spent the majority of last night awake thinking about things. I mean really thinking about things, about the state of everything, you know? 

Do I really have the energy to prolong hell? I’m stuck in a shit place and shit position. I have been, still am, set on vying for justice, fighting my corner and proving to everyone, especially my daughter that, well that I’m not weak. 

I just don’t think I’ve done very well.

I’m stuck in hell at the moment so by that logic, is it really in my best interests to prolong this shit by slapping on a two year court case..? Now I’m in no way saying that he has gotten away with anything, and believe you me, there is more than one way to skin a cat, but I don’t know, for the first time, ever actually I am looking past the police involvement and court case, and to life afterwards and it still looks pretty damn bleak with this hanging over me, so is there any point in keeping myself in this position?

He will get his dues and it won’t be left to karma, if this situation has taught me anything it’s that I’m fucking vengeful (justifiably so); but I just feel apathetic regarding it right now, the beauty of being strung out to fuck on antidepressants, eh! 


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